Working Professional Counselling

Working Professionals :

Corporate / Working professionals are often stuck in a rigmarole of everyday activities, work pressure, stress, deadlines, and yearning for a promotion or a raise in salary and often in this loop, they fail to address unavoidable issues. Issues could be a bad mix of personality for the job which would make a person underperform, and psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and ego. Underperformance due to stagnancy in learning and delivering and lacking soft skills that might make the person less likeable in a job role.

Working Professionals

This is the stage where guidance is required to them in matching their interests, personality, and current position with the appropriate professional path. We enable them to create realistic expectations.

Employee Wellness Counselling

Counselling psychologists help people in managing their mental and emotional problems, by using psychotherapy techniques. Our expert therapists are available to you in a safe space online to combat your mental and emotional issues. If you are looking to reclaim your mental harmony, our experts can help you to find peace and fulfillment. Our mission is to help people lead more fulfilling and productive lives. This we do by providing support in their difficult times. We also train them with tools that can be used eventually used as self-help. Wolke is the best online counselling and therapy consultation platform in India. Connect with the best psychologist, therapists, counsellors, and mental health experts now via chat, phone, or video call. At Wolke, we understand that it can be difficult to find the right mental health specialist for your needs. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to connect with the best psychologists, therapists, counsellors, and mental health experts in India via chat, phone, or video call. With just a few clicks, you can get the help and support you need to feel better and start living your best life.


Know what you are set for. Know where your true potential lies. A personality assessment is done with a tool that helps assess different aspects of a person’s character. It provides information about an individual’s thoughts, opinions, traits, motivations, behavioral tendencies, and values. By taking such tests, individuals can ascertain where their personality style and how they would react and perform in different situations. This allows them to make more informed decisions when it comes to making a career choice or knowing their true potential. This in turn can help with improving workplace performance and gauging your future potential.


Are you looking for clarity in your career and need direction? Are you feeling stagnated in your current job role? Are you seeking a career transition? Mid-career Corporate / Working professionals can often find themselves at a crossroads, feeling lost or uncertain of which direction to take their career next. Career counselling is not only limited to crises but can also help in exploring new career options, giving guidance on further growth within the current sector or even helping sustain the current path. With the education and job market remaining ever-dynamic, guidance from a career counsellor can help you make timely and right choices. Career counselling opens avenues for knowing new career opportunities, exploring your current career better, shortlisting a goal plan, creating work-life balance, and bringing the necessary and positive change to your job or career. We use scientifically proven methods, expertise, and experience to make the most of your career goals.