Our Educational Counselling Services

Grade VI - VII

In this exciting stage, students are brimming with natural curiosity about the world around them. With ample time and energy, they are ready to delve into a myriad of ideas. We aim to nurture their curiosity about various professions and help refine their decision-making skills. Embrace the journey by opting for our inviting Psychometric assessment to enhance their exploration.

Grade VIII - X

This marks a valuable occasion for students in grades eight to ten to explore their future career paths while introspecting self-awareness. Our assistance is crafted to support them in recognizing and embracing their individual strengths in a manner that is both professional and student-friendly.

Grade XI - XII

At this stage, fostering skill development plays a crucial role in establishing a robust foundation for students. It nurtures self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, cooperation, and problem-solving capabilities. This process encourages independent thinking and inspires students to formulate plans. Our support is dedicated to assisting them in constructing a sturdy groundwork.


In this pivotal stage, our counselling services deliver comprehensive insights into the chosen professional pathway, elucidating alternative career options along with their inherent advantages and disadvantages, and detailing the potential job prospects associated with each. Through meticulous guidance, we empower individuals to make informed decisions, steering them towards invaluable resources that furnish essential, nuanced information and guidance pertinent to their career endeavors.

Counselling available in Multilingual Languages like Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and English