Terms and Conditions

  1. 100% advance for services offered

  2. Counselling sessions will be based on mutual convenience of the customer and the counsellor.

  3. We are not responsible for internet connectivity, hardware or any software or operating system issues/updates from the customers end which may hamper the services provided.

  4. We are not responsible for delay due to circumstances beyond control.

  5. Our responsibility ceases as soon as counselling or the admission processes are completed.

  6. Counselling is made subject to force-majeure.

  7. Our services are online as well as offline depending on Counsellor’s availability and customers approvals.

  8. We take psychometric test followed by a Counselling Session of 60 minutes. The date for undergoing the test has to be conveyed by the candidate and post payments the test is booked. The Counselling session with the counsellor has to be done within 3 days from the date

  9. The duration of completing psychometric test by the candidate is 60-90 minutes

  10. The candidate has to undergo this test individually and should not seek any external help for choosing answers due to which the report will be inaccurate and the counselling session post that in-effective. Meanwhile they can seek external help ( like parents, Google or counsellor)if they don’t understand the questions or particular word

  11. The education counselling session will be done with the candidate individually however we allow parents or guardians to be in the session for getting a understanding.

  12. The counselling session post psychometric test will be for 60 minutes. Session exceeding the said timelines will be charged based on hourly basis. If a candidate needs an additional session it has to be paid and booked for an alternate date and time based on the availability of the counsellor.

  13. Psychological sessions are one to one basis only, duration will vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, these sessions are usually multiple and have to be paid in advance before conducting them.

  14. The psychometric tests provide near to accuracy insights however it depends on the candidate on how will he pursue them. WCC holds no responsibility or assurance once the Counselling session is completed.

  15. If the fulfilment of the services is in part or the whole of the service is affected by war or war-like situation or any of the regulations of Central and /or State Governments, all extra charged incurred thereby will be on the buyer’s account only. In such cases, we shall also have the option of cancelling the entire and/or remaining part of the services not executed.

  16. Counselling Session and Psychometric tests will only be conducted after the entire payments have been received by us.

  17. The information provided to WCC from the candidate is presumed to be genuine

  18. The order once placed cannot be altered or modified.

  19. Once the candidate has chosen a preferred language for counselling it cannot be altered.

  20. No proxies are allowed for psychometric tests or counselling sessions.